Practice Resources: And Forgive Us Our Trespasses…

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is such a joy and a privilege to gather and share these resources that will hopefully take our tribe deeper and deeper into all we are learning and experiencing at The Practice. If we remember that Sunday is not the main event – rather Monday through Saturday is, lets not leave our learning, our shaping or our understanding solely to what we hear on Sunday. May these resources provide a path to  help take us all deeper into a dialogue of transformation, growth and unforced rhythms of grace.

This past Sunday Deirdre did a beautiful and profound job of guiding us through what it means to pray “And Forgive Us Our Trespasses…” Here are a few recommended books, sermons and videos to help any of you who love to connect with God this way, to deepen your understanding and expand your experience.


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Recommended Reading

Recommended Videos

  • Les Miserables, “I Give You Back To God.” Scene
    For those of you who have read or seen any screen adaption of the beautiful novel Les Miserables, we could think of no greater picture of the father in the prodigal son, than the Priest as he interacts with Jean Valjean in this scene.As you watch, pay attention to how the punishment in this case is deserved, yet the incredible mercy of the Priest still forgives and releases Jean Valjean. In many ways, I feel that we can glimpse our forgiveness from God in this scene.
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“The Prodigal Sons.” by Tim Keller 

In this teaching on the parable of the Prodigal Sons, Tim Keller shares how Jesus redefines God as Father, redefines sin, and redefines salvation. We recommend this sermon as an invitation to know the initiating love of the Father that leads us to learn to repent for something besides sins.


``We urgently need the mediation of another's eyes to love ourselves and accept ourselves. The eyes may be those of a parent, a friend, a spiritual director; but above all they are those of God our Father. The look in his eyes is the purest, truest, tenderest, most loving, and most hope-filled in this world. The greatest gift given those who seek God's face by persevering in prayer may be that one day they will perceive something of this divine look upon themselves; they will feel themselves loved so tenderly that they will receive the grace of accepting themselves in depth.`` (p. 36)

Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe
[vc_column_text]May the wisdom of those who are in this journey with us, nourish, inform and help guide you as you learn the unforced rhythms of grace. Blessings on your week!

Grace and Peace.

Jenna and The Practice Team[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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