11.3.19 Invitation to Respond (part 2)

By November 5, 2019Reflections

Sunday night, our journey of stillness and response continued as we listened for God’s invitation for us in this season. Brad and Ben shared their stories of how God has been inviting them into the work of reconciliation in the world, Brad in prison ministry and Ben living with intention in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago. We then examined our stories and noticed where our hearts are broken by the injustice of our world as a way of listening to God’s invitation in our lives.

Kingdom Practices
Our hope in this series is that we have been listening to God’s voice. How are we being invited to join God’s work of reconciliation in the world? How has God invited you to respond? How has God refined that invitation in your life?

Sam shared three specific practices we might be invited into out of the night.
Being present to those around us so that we might serve and be formed by presence. Who might God be inviting you to be present to this week?
Reflecting on our relationships, and considering whether God is stretching us to build relationships with people who are different than us. Who might God be inviting you to reach out to this week?
Listen to your story and reflect on the moments of messiness and deep joy. What part of your story might God be inviting you to consider this week? (Check out One Life Maps for a great resource.)

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