1.12.20 Living the Liturgy: Eucharist

On January 12th, Brian Zahnd joined us to share why the Eucharist is the central point of our service. This is the first week in a series focused on the core elements of our gatherings.

Kingdom Practices
This week, our kingdom practice is to respond to God’s invitation. In Brian’s teaching, did you sense God inviting you to embrace your work (whatever that may be) as sacred? In the grain and the grape, we learn that all of life is sacred. Or was God inviting you to expand your table? Is there someone with whom God is asking you to share a meal, a coffee, or a conversation?

Additional Resources
[amazon text=Water to Wine&asin=0692569189] by Brian Zahnd
[amazon text=Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God&asin=1601429517] by Brian Zahnd
[amazon text=Blessed Broken Given&asin=052565075X] by Glenn Packiam
[amazon text=For the Life of the World&asin=0881416177] by Alexander Schmemann

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  • Gloria Smolenyak says:

    Beautiful! Very old Granny, almost 90, out of churches for 50 years after catholic charismatic experience in1968 or69. Ran away sort of. Living in forest in Arizona. Husband passed 22 years ago after he built a house logs and stones. Longed for Eucharist for so long, went back to church locally for Eucharist about a year and a half ago but no connection. Found Pastor Brian Zahnd on youtube, his message and books have my heart. Still going for Eucharist but so longing to be in a Eucharistic service as described in this video. Visited the Charismatic Catholic Church in Ann Arbor Michigan while on a Christmas visit to meet a new great grand daughter, long to speak a Word to the family but they know me I’m sort of forbidden. Many blessings sent to you all from me, Jesus walks with me on my forest road. I also happy I found you all…….Gloria

    • Jason Feffer says:

      Thank you for your words, Gloria. May you know the Lord’s presence deeply in the midst of your forest, and may you experience God’s kingdom restoration in your relationships.

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